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Stéphanie Bouw aka Sybile Art is a painter and children's book illustrator.

She is from Brussel, not really in her place in a big city, she lives now on the French border.
After the high school in artistic section she take a first job and continue her Art studies to the "Institut des Beaux Arts" of Brussel in evening classes in the illustration section.

In 2009 she started working for various publishers and illustrated many children books.

Mainly Editions Hemma - Editions Auzou - Editions Lito.

In the same time she start her painting journey. Very floral maidens becomes a recurring theme with a strong influence for Asian culture and aesthetics. Promptly, a very particular and unique style come out: Pale shaded skins who reminds chinese porcelain dolls, a slight and innocent nudity, Silent and lost in their thoughts, floating in delicate fabrics, bright and contrasted colors, abundance of nature elements and patterns. She paint with acrylic or oil painting on fine natural coton who allow her very fine and smooth details. She is now invited for group shows world wide exhibits.

Here are some symbols used in her work and the meaning she gives them:

Women: Mystery, creativity, divine inspiration and the eternal spirit.

Contrasting colors: The paradox, complementarity, duality, the Ying and the Yang ☯

Lightness: (that she often represents by the gravity and floating silks): Freedom, free spirit, fullness, serenity, meditation. 

Nudity: Innocence.

Hands: Generosity, give & allow.

flowers and natural elements: Beauty, harmony and authenticity.

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